One-on-One Yoga Stories - A Family Event

This week Ontario celebrated Family Day! In honour of Family Day, I thought I’d share the Smith family yoga story. In this story, you’ll see that private yoga doesn’t have to be lonely.

Mama Smith prioritizes self-care. She had a well balanced routine of glamorous self-care like mani-pedis, massage, and hairdresser appointments, and also the not so glamorous self-care like routine doctor’s appointments for her chronic back pain and knee injury. Mama Smith also schedules twice weekly yoga practices in her home.

Mama Smith’s goal in practicing regular one-on-one yoga was to savour some much needed meditation time and introduce safe physical activity for her aching back and tricky knee. In addition to the fun and safe yoga posture practice and accessible meditation practice, our sessions were bookended with great conversation on how to explore and integrate yogic philosophy in her daily life.

Her delight with our sessions couldn’t be contained!

She was so pleased that she started sharing her experiences of our time together with her friends and family. It was just a matter of time before she started inviting them all to join. Mama Smith was always there, but her daughter, son, sister-in-law, husband, and close family friends were always welcome to join. This allowed Mama Smith to both care for herself, and for her loved ones, in a way that worked for their schedules and needs! Mama Smith also found a way to bring the benefits of yoga to the people she loved but who may have been hesitant to try yoga.

Amazingly, something that started as a quiet private practice grew into an intimate family class. They built better connections with themselves and also with each other.