One-on-One Yoga at Align Massage Therapy

Not all yoga students are created equal. And, before you start imagining that I’m talking about skill or flexibility, let me explain. Sometimes, a yoga client wants to try a private class without the muss and fuss of a fancy studio. Maybe that client doesn’t aspire to be an ongoing yogi, but rather just has a few questions about how to utilize certain poses or sequences to alleviate physical ailments. They just want one class to ask questions about how they should practice to avoid pain in their wrist, stretch a particular muscle or get into a specific pose. And even if they are interested in possibly practicing yoga regularly- some people want to dip their toe in, risk-free, in a safe setting before they commit fully.

Enter: Align Massage Therapy.

I know. That probably looks like a typo. A massage therapy practice is the resolution to all of those yoga questions above? Well, yes, it is actually because I am now booking private yoga sessions that are held at the Align clinic.

Align clients can opt to see me before, after, or independent of their massage treatment, which is a great option for anyone I described in the opening of this blog (and more). Let me explain a few more logistics of how this partnership works.

I like to know as much about my clients before we start our yoga session so the first 15 minutes of the appointment are reserved to discuss personal history, injury, and goals. This all takes place in our cozy treatment room. The ambiance of the clinic is warm, welcoming, and serene. We take care of supplying the yoga mat and the necessary yoga props, you simply need to arrive in comfy clothing and maybe have a notepad at the ready.

During our session, I will guide you through an appropriate 1-hour yoga sequence for your needs and wants. Since it’s just the two of us, you have the liberty to talk and ask as many questions as you’d like. You may wish to share, real-time, that some poses aren’t working for you so that we can immediately adjust. You may wish to be quiet during your practice, as to emphasize the calming effects of yoga. I reserve 15 minutes after the practice to address your questions and share with you my recommendations (that’s where the notepad comes in handy).

"Leave your session feeling calm, both physically and mentally"

At the end of our 1.5 hours together, the goal is that you leave your session feeling calm, both physically and mentally, applying what you’ve learned to your workout routine, your meditation practice, relaxation time, or your public yoga class.

And that, my friends, is an hour and a half well spent!

Are you interested in booking a session with me at Align Massage Therapy?

You can book online here or contact me with questions!