Create Space for Creativity

I've always considered myself a creative person. When I was younger, I found solace in the visual arts. I spent nearly all my time drawing and sculpting. So much time, that my dad was actually opposed to my dream of becoming a dentist. That’s right. Becoming a dentist was my intended career path from grade 5 to 1st year university. I actually had to convince my dad that becoming a dentist wouldn’t mean I was giving up on the arts, but that sculpting teeth was going to be my outlet for expressing creativity.

Afterall, creativity isn't just the ability to draw. It takes many forms - like dancing, writing, choreographing, thinking up revolutionary ideas/inventions and my personal favourite, cooking and baking.


Don’t think you’re a creative? I assure you, it's in there. It's most likely just buried under your busy-ness! It's buried under your to-do list, your obligations, your social life, or maybe even buried under the mess in your home.


Clear your calendar (you don't need to make that many plans with that many people)! Write your to-do list down (if it's out of your head, you have headspace to create!). Compartmentalize (sort your to-do list in small manageable chunks). Start to view your obligations as choices (they're less overwhelming that way).

And for goodness sakes, create physical space by cleaning up the clutter in your home! Okay, maybe this is a mantra I’m preaching to myself, but seriously there is nothing like a clean house. A blank canvas for your newly found creativity! And once you've created space, sit it in. Don't fill the physical, mental, or emotional space. Sit in it and enjoy it.


I know. This isn’t natural for most of us. But it’s so very important. Carve out time to sit with your pet and simply cuddle. Go for a walk with no destination in mind. Sit in the park and let your mind wander. Go to a "boring" yoga class (a slow easy one). If you're bored long enough, your truth starts to shout.

My secret to seeking boredom? Meditation. Sure, the general premise of meditation is to empty the thoughts, but let’s be honest, thoughts still come. And for me, sometimes the craziest, most creative ideas come to the surface when I’m meditating.

So, what are you going to do this week to find and nurture the creative inside of you? It’s in there, I promise.