Synergy of Chiropractic Care & Yoga

Chiropractic care - I think there's a strong divide when it comes to people's opinion on this topic.

  1. Those who hate it and believe the work they do is not only useless but dangerous.
  2. Those who love it and have had their life altered for the better, to the extent their life will never be the same (in a good way). 

I will tell you now, I'm in the second category. I love chiropractors. I loved my first chiropractor (shoutout to Dr. Jay at Live Well Health for you west-enders!) and it broke my heart when I realized his clinic was out of reach for me once I moved. Sadly, I stopped receiving adjustments, as sitting in a car for 20 minutes to help correct my spine didn't seem to align (pun intended). 

When I met my new chiropractor, Dr. Martin Zollinger from Re:Form Body Clinic, I was excited to begin care, as I already knew how beneficial my previous experience had been to my overall health. Let me share nine weeks of (short) updates with you about my experience and, perhaps then, you'll understand why I'm a big advocate of chiropractic care.

Week 1 - I can look over my shoulder - pain free! I've had enough close encounters with cyclists while driving to know that my shoulder pain isn't just dangerous to me, it's dangerous for everyone. Not being able to turn my head while driving (without wincing in severe pain), limits my visibility and has the potential to result in a serious accident. After just one chiropractic treatment, I was able to pivot my head, and look over my shoulder to check for oncoming cyclists, pedestrians and cars. For me, that was a huge win.

Reality check, you don't need to live with pain!

Week one brought on less pain, but in an effort to remain transparent with my readers, I'll admit it also brought on physical exhaustion. There were times when the thought of sitting or standing up was unbearable. In fact, one night at a friends place, I couldn't sit or stand anymore so I forced myself down to the floor. Without a word (and because my friends are great) they simply slid down to join me and we continued our conversation right there on the floor!


                  Girls night - Floor edition <3

                  Girls night - Floor edition <3

Week 2 - I had delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), even though I hadn't done a workout to warrant this. I reached over my head while teaching a yoga class and felt a soreness while lengthening my right latissimus dorsi. I felt a soreness in my obliques while getting out of bed. I felt such a change in my lower back erector spinae and hamstrings, that my forward fold made me feel like a beginner. In layman's terms, I felt like this new spinal alignment was making everyday activities feel like a grueling workout.

Week 3 - Feeling a bit more length in my spine, I had to adjust my desk setup and my car's rear view mirror. It's always nice to see proof of progress- no matter how small. 

Week 4 - My work schedule was absolutely crazy! I ended up missing one of my adjustments. I actually don't know what was worse, being overly busy or missing my adjustment. I feel so much better when I commit to ongoing care and it was acutely noticeable to my body when I missed my week four adjustment. 

Week 5 - I continued having a hard time making it to my chiropractic appointments. I felt like I was constantly running behind schedule, stressed or stuck in snowstorms. As I sat in traffic, I started to ask myself  "is this actually worth it?". The question remained with me until Dr. Zollinger placed his hands on my back. With his knowledgeable touch and a long exhale, the answer is obvious. "Yes. Totally worth it!"

I always leave Dr. Zollinger's office taller, lighter, and less stressed. They've also never made me feel bad for being late - so that's an added bonus and nod to their stellar customer care.

The first five weeks of chiropractic care were memorable. It took five weeks to figure out the best routes, the best parking spots and the best time slots to book my appointments. It took five weeks for my body to feel good all of the time, not just the immediate hours following an adjustment. 

Weeks 6-8 - Without seeming melodramatic or sarcastic, I basically felt really good, all of the time during weeks 6, 7 and 8. My commitment to care during weeks 1-5 had big pay offs during these three weeks. It was blissful! 

Week 9 - I had my follow up scan! It's one thing to feel the progress, but to actually see it was very affirming! It showed that my spine was realigning. My energy was up and my mood was better. My neck still had (and has) occasional pain upon wake up, but I've learned that it passes, as long as I continue my dedication to chiropractic care.

I'm not sure how, or when my spine fell out of alignment. It could've been a slow physical progression over time, or one hard smack on the hill while snowboarding. Who really knows! What I do know, is that thoughtful planning, commitment and knowledgeable chiropractic care is the solution for me.

I feel so much better AND I'm looking to spread the joy! 

If you're interested in meeting my chiropractor, Dr. Zollinger from Re:From Body Clinic, and finding out what he calls AMAZING HEALTH, join me on Monday February 27th from 6:30-7:30pm at Upward Dog Yoga Centre. Enjoy a short Yin Yoga session (led by yours truly), tea, treats, and an opportunity to chat with Dr. Zollinger.

No cost!

Just let us know you'll be coming by submitting an RSVP below!