Choosing Your Yoga Teacher Training

I’m hooked on the Yogipreneur podcasts! I love to edu-tain myself while I’m cooking and cleaning. This particular episode (episode 9 - you should totally have a listen) got me thinking… 

What are you looking for in a Yoga Teacher Training?

It got me thinking so hard that I had to drop the knife (in a safe way), quit the cooking, and take notes. 

Things to consider:

Are you looking to teach full time, part time, or simply continued education for your passion? Regardless, we at Upward Dog Yoga Centre have the network for you. You want to teach locally? We know studios and students looking for what you have to offer! You want to teach while travelling? We’ll connect you with our worldwide teacher network if you’re looking to teach abroad (I’ve traveled plenty, and I know so many amazing teachers you’ve gotta meet!). Yoga could be your job, but it doesn't have to be. You might simply want to know everything! We'll do our best to teach you everything we know so you can continue to live your passion fully. 

“Make no doubt about it, the teaching training program you choose is part of building your yoga business network and that network will be really important for you in helping establish yourself as a yoga teacher.” - the Yogipreneur 

How fast do you want to complete your teacher training? At Upward Dog, we have 3 different teacher training schedule! Summer Intensive (1 month), Year-long weekends (8 months), and Night School (6 months). 

Do you have a special interest? What’s your niche? Let our 200hr teacher training be the first amazing step of many more on your journey. As a teacher, my specialty is teaching privately with students. Both Garrett and I emphasize the importance of safe movement in asana. But maybe that’s not your shtick, or perhaps you don’t know what your thing is. We have a group of amazing guest teachers joining us throughout our trainings to help you find out what your niche might be, and help you network into that niche. Remember, your first training, if you want to make this your full time job, is only the first 200 hours of many!  

“I want you to know that that 200 hours is just the beginning.” - the Yogipreneur 

If you think our UDYC training is for you, sign up! If you’re not convinced, contact me, let’s have a chat. I’m happy to steer you in the right direction. Let’s go for tea so you can ask those burning questions. I can put you in touch with recent graduates. I can “sneak” you in to try a free class with myself (or Garrett) so you can try out what we have to offer.