Questionable street lassi

Street lassi? Sounds like an Irish hooker. Well, it’s not. A lassi is a delicious dairy drink. It can be served plain, salted, or flavored with fruit. I’m partial to mango lassis. My driver last week knew I was looking forward to one. You see, dairy products make me ill in North America. I get bloated, abdominal cramping sometimes, and acne like a 13 year old boy. Europe and India, no problem. I’ve been looking forward to pain-free dairy for years. I’d enjoyed chai with milk like the above picture (so creamy and delicious) and paneer (Indian cheese curd). I still hadn’t had a lassi when the last day with our driver arrived. He wanted to make me smile so he pulled over to a street vendor. I’d had tons of food from street vendors in the last few days. Difference here was that those foods were cooked and served hot. Before I knew it, my driver hands me a milky drink. It’s in my hands, can I refuse it? My travel buddy eyes me. His eyes are imploring that I not consume this. You see, street vendors use local water to rinse their blenders. I can’t bare to be rude. Down the hatch. Instantly my stomach is nauseous (for hours). The next day the real torture begins. Who needs a cleanse from the health food store when a street lassi can do just the same effect to my bowels. Seven days. Seven days I paid for that lassi. Next time I’ll find the words to politely say no.

I know you’re all thinking “I could have told you that!” And maybe some of you are saying “I told you so!” – well, you can’t teach someone a lesson they’re not ready to learn. I learned it the hard way.

Hari Om!

Ps. I’m feeling all better now!