I love my Bmat

I was recently contacted and asked to read and share a review on The Best Yoga Mat. This worthwhile read is a comprehensive review. They surveyed over 100 yoga professionals and put more than 50 hours into this research. In this long article, the researchers share features you may want to consider when preparing to purchase your yoga mat.

Things to consider (and my notes):

  • Traction - Note that super ultra grippy isn't always the best. Less grip makes you work harder, it's easier to transition in vinyasa flows, and gentle yoga classes don't require that much grip.
  • Density - Note that a cushiony mat isn't softer on the wrists. You need a dense mat that doesn't collapse under the weight of your body in table pose to prevent having your wrist extend beyond 90 degrees. 
  • Comfort - To each their own! Try to take your new mat for a spin during one of your typical practices to see if it meets your needs.
  • Weight - Useful to know if you're going to be lugging this all over town. Not a huge concern if your studio has a spot for members to leave their yoga mats or if you're using it only for your home practice.  
  • Size - Lots of mat makers are keeping the tall people in mind. Your stride length is longer then the tiny folks, that means your warrior 2 is going to take up more space. Invest in the extra cost of the tall mat and appropriate a bit more space for yourself.
  • Eco-footprint - <3 
  • Colour assortment - I'm all for eco-friendly and local but I still have a pinch of vanity and I really like pretty things. 
  • Price - You get what you pay for. A good long lasting mat will cost you. I've had some less expensive mats that have crumbled away right beneath my feet. If you don't want to be despised by the person who cleans the studio after you've crumbed all over the practice room, it's time to upgrade. 
  • Read the full article to inform you purchase! 

Though I appreciate all the hard work they have put into this review, the very good points they brought up that might help a buyer select their perfect yoga mat, and I see how comprehensive the article and research is,

I don't agree with the "winner".

I've been practicing for over 12 years and I've put some milage on my fair share of mats, many of the ones enumerated on their summed up list. They pale in comparison to my mat.

I love my Bmat!

I am a proud supporter of local companies and as an Ottawa based yoga instructor, the closest producer of yoga mats is Bmat which is made right here in Ontario Canada. The Bmat isn't just my favourite because it's local, it's also eco-friendly, beautifully coloured, and incredibly grippy! 

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If you want to take a Bmat for spin, let me know, I'll have you borrow one of mine for your next practice, contact me. If you're already sold and dying to grab your new mat you can order yours online directly from Bmat, or in person at Upward Dog Yoga Centre or EVO Studio