Tuning into Yoga Tune Up® at Upward Dog Yoga Centre

I always start my Wednesday 6pm and Friday 6:30am Yoga Tune Up® class at Upward Dog Yoga Centre by "opening the request line". Without fail, someone requests shoulders, another requests feet, a third participant requests hips, and before we know it, I'm being asked to teach a full body self-massage sequence! There's simply no time to do it all in those 60-75 minutes!

This is why I have brought

MORE Yoga Tune Up® to Upward Dog Yoga Centre! 

Coming in 2017, Upward Dog Yoga Centre is pleased to welcome Casey Easton for a variety of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method trainings. If the photo above doesn't give you an idea about how excited I am to have Casey with me at UpDog, maybe this little interview will!

Meet Casey!

Elizabeth: Why do you love Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method?

Casey: Knowledge is power. In Yoga Tune Up®, there is such a huge emphasis on educating our students, which turns into empowerment for them to take care of their own bodies, which is a major step in reducing pain and enhancing performance.

Elizabeth: What makes training with you unique?

Casey: My broad background in both a clinical space and a yoga studio, has not only carved my knowledge but has shaped my eyes to be able to see what others might not and I loooooooove to share those small details with other so they can hone their x-ray vision.

Elizabeth: When you're not rolling on therapy balls, what can people find you doing? 

Casey: Hangin' out with my kids, cleaning my house (because I'm a virgo), skiing, skating, camping and sipping on a cuppa with friends.

Elizabeth: What makes you awesome?

Casey: My excitement for all things anatomy and my ability to make it accessibly, relevant and digestible to my students.

Elizabeth: Anything else you think the Yogarific with Elizabeth community might want to know about you?

Casey: I was a birth doula for over a decade :D

Thank you Casey for sharing you!

There you have it folks! 

This incredibly knowledgeable bright ray of sunshine will share anatomy, self-massage, and her x-ray vision in an accessible, relevant, and digestible way! These trainings are intended for fitness professionals looking to add tools to their tool belt and enthusiastic advanced practitioners with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. 

To find out more about these trainings, visit the teacher training page on Yoga Tune Up®.com and register by visiting, calling, or clicking the teacher training page on Upward Dog Yoga Centre.com.


If you're not sure if this is you, get in touch!