Stress Management with Yoga


Stress Management with Yoga


A safe and beneficial class for everyone in need of more tools to manage their daily stress. Whether you’re chronically stressed or experience an intensely stressful event in your life, you’ll leave this class knowing poses to care for you physical body, breathing techniques to calm the physiological and mental body, and meditation/contemplation techniques to empower and support yourself.

Friday June 8th at 4:30 to 5:30 pm

Olga's Way - 1344 Youville Drive

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Practice in a safe way, learn which poses are beneficial to reduce your pain, and find out which poses you should avoid.

You won’t feel like you’re falling behind because you’ll be sharing the practice with people sharing similar experiences.

You’ll leave these classes feeling great and with the knowledge of how to practice common yoga poses safely for you, in your own practice and regular public classes.