Yoga is for every body – Start your personalized practice today.

Make your personal practice even more personal with a one on one session with Elizabeth. Tailor your practice to your unique needs and practice in the comfort of your own home or let Elizabeth reserve a serene yoga space.

Why practice privately?

  • Hectic or fluctuating schedule

  • Injury or disability needing special attention and expertise

  • Personal attention and focus

  • Private fitness setting

Elizabeth has experience working with people with:

  • High stress lifestyle

  • Low back pain

  • Osteoarthritis (hands, hips, and knees)

  • Amputated limbs

  • Sport specific muscle asymmetries (i.e. golf, tennis, squash, swimming, waterpolo, horseback riding, alpine skiing, basketball, soccer, hockey...)

  • Deep tissue injury following a motor vehicle accident

  • Pelvic asymmetries

  • Pregnancy

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Visual impairment

New Clients

Does Elizabeth's modern scientific and traditional yogic approach appeal to you?

Are you interested in practicing privately with Elizabeth?

Elizabeth takes the time to learn about you, your past, and your future goals.

Once she receives your emailed new client intake form (complete form), she carefully reviews your personal history by cross referencing recent peer reviewed research, consulting yoga literature, and with your permission, collaborating with your other healthcare professionals (i.e. physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.) With this information, Elizabeth prepares follow-up questions to discuss with you during the intake phone meeting to further detail your personalized yoga plan. During this phone meeting, Elizabeth will also share her proposed approach. If you both agree on the personalized yoga plan, then it's time to book! 

Practice wherever you like!

  • In your home

  • At your work

  • In your favourite park

YOur In-Home personalized Yoga Plan includes:

  • New client intake from (get started now!)

  • 20-minute intake phone meeting

  • Personalized 4-session yoga plan

  • Four 90-minute private yoga session (60-minute yoga + 30-minute question/discussion)

  • Your personalized sequence for home practice


(Including HST)

*For optimal benefits, packages should be completed in 4-8 weeks.

Still not sure?

Let’s chat. Fill out the application form and return it via email. We’ll set up a 20-minute phone meeting to see if Elizabeth’s approach is right for you. No cost or obligation!

Existing Clients

  • 1-hour private session = $105

  • Your personalized sequence for home practice (digital PDF or mp4 video) = $60

(Including HST)

Contact Elizabeth For enquiries or booking